10 Dollars A Day

Investor's Alpha:  10 Dollars A Day

Peak Capital Research & Management is proud to present the first part of our Investor's Alpha series.  This series will focus on investor controlled inputs into the investment process that will enhance portfolio outcomes.  Investor driven inputs will be an important factor in enhancing returns in a low return environment.

Wealth = Factors You Control + Investment Returns

  • Savings Rate & Spending Rate
  • Systematic Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Proper Asset Allocation
  • Tax Management
  • Proper Asset Location
  • Investment Expenses

The first part of our series, "10 Dollars A Day", examines the importance of savings rate in creating wealth.  Wealth accumulation begins with saving and investing on a regular basis.  Even a small amount of savings, give time and modest returns, can build into a large amount of wealth.  Saving and investing $10 a day and earning a return of 3% becomes ~$174,000 after 30 years.  A little change, both figuratively and literally, makes a significant impact on wealth.