Peak Capital Research & Management's founding principal is that our client's interest come first.  In order to make sure that focus is maintained and achieved, our firm has established strict guidelines to ensure that our client's goals and interests come first:

  • Our firm is a fiduciary
  • Our firm has adopted the CFA Code of Ethics
  • Our firm complies with the CFA Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct
  • Our fee only model aligns our interest with the client's
  • Our firm does not sell or offer any commissioned based products, including insurance
  • Our firm, to facilitate maximum transparency, holds all clients accounts in retail name at major brokerages

At Peak Capital Research & Management, we are not just stock pickers.  Our firm focuses on understanding each client's unique set of goals, dreams, and reasons for investing.  Our firm focuses on creating individually tailored investment strategies designed to help our client's meet their short-term and long-term goals.  In addition, our firm will act as an effective behavioral coach to help keep our client's focused on their objectives.